Most days you can find me in dog-hair covered elastic pants (shout out to Clarence, my rescue pup) drinking questionable amounts of Earl Grey tea with a big grin on my face. 

Throughout my life, the common passions that have guided me involve lifelong learning and my natural desire to enrich and impact the lives of other humans; whether that's through wellness coaching, guiding my own parents through wellness journeys - I always call them my first clients - , slinging emergency meds in a helicopter (yep, I still currently do that a couple of times per month), or creating amazing content for a small business to help them level up.

I've committed to a life of growth and being comfortable getting uncomfortable by challenging myself and creating human connections. It's not always easy, but it is excellent, and I hope the fact that you're reading this means we get to work together. 

LivingWells, LLC (my legalese business name) is a passion project birthed from my own love of wellness at a time in my life laced with severe burnout. Making the decision to leave my full-time gig and become an entrepreneur is the most terrifying and the best thing I've ever done. I am so lucky to work with badass women who are yearning to put their health and goals first, and with brands and people who align with my goals to create meaningful content.

I'm glad you're here.

Thanks for stopping in, friend.


Personal coaching + Wellness


Content creation

if you're dying to know more random stuff about me, here are five facts: 

1. I'm vegan

2. I was homeschooled

3. I was an international model 

4. I used to work with swat/eod as a medic. 

5. I'm a muay thai fighter

One of the first steps towards taking back my own personal wellness after burnout was taking responsibility for what I consume. Initially, I had no expectations of being vegan or vegetarian. I used to eat bacon almost every day (you read that right), and was pretty convinced that I would never give up animal products. It turns out that a vegan diet is what makes me feel best, and over time it's become important to me for many other reasons. 

Not the weird sit at home all day and not socialize kind of homeschooled (though I can definitely be socially awkward), the kind of homeschooled that involved loads of extracurricular activities, so much reading (shoutout to poppa Wells for being a librarian and making me love it), and travel from a young age. Overall, it was awesome and allowed me to do the next random fact. 

Pre-14th birthday Marybeth was pretty short, had braces, and a bad haircut (yes, there are photos of that too). I hit a crazy fast growth spurt, got my braces off, and BAM. Signed to a modeling contract that took me to NYC, London, and India for the next year. It was a whirlwind, but overall one of the best learning experiences of my life that I gained lifelong friends from. 

When I say I'm a "flight paramedic", that means I definitely worked my **s off to get where I got at such a young age. I started as a volunteer, medical responder, then an EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P, tactical paramedic, then FP-C. If you're not sure what those abbreviations are, it's alright. 

My next step to breaking free from my own burnout was finding an activity that brought me joy and was unrelated to work. I wandered into a sweaty Muay Thai gym full of strangers a few years ago and didn't look back. It started as a hobby, and at some point along the way I decided that it would be cool to fight in a ring, so I did. It's gone pretty well so far.